Thursday, 3 March 2011

One Day Singing Technique Workshop 19/3/11

Would you like to develop or improve your vocal range, quality and control?

Treat yourself!

Come and join us for a day of vocal instruction, singing and musical fun in good company 
Lunch included
One Day  Singing Technique  Workshop

These popular one day workshops offer an opportunity to work on your singing technique  in a friendly, supportive group.
Group numbers are limited.

The day is is aimed at adults at all stages in a non –judgmental, safe and supportive environment. 

No-one will sing alone unless they wish to. Those who do wish to sing alone (time permitting) will be given positive, constructive feedback which will benefit the whole group.

The day includes:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing
  • Group vocal tuition
  • Voice Production
  • Vocal technique
  • Range, tone & style
  • 2 course restaurant lunch, hot drinks and refreshments 
My background is as a practicing performer in most classical and contemporary singing styles, with over 17 years teaching experience.

Combining operatic and classical singing techniques with aspects of hypnotherapy has enabled me to develop a gentle yet practical and thorough vocal method, which uses visual ideas and imagery to place the voice. This is adapted to include contemporary styles and genres.

Participants with vocal anxiety or  musical self-doubt can particularly benefit!

I believe that, with the right technical building blocks and a state of controlled relaxation everyone can experience the joy of singing. We just have to get out of our own way!

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Some people have instant access to their voices and seem to sing effortlessly . Others need to develop an awareness of how the voice works, and build up technique and methods using a combination of skills, instincts and experiences