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Singing Lessons, Classes, Workshops and Corporate Training

“Thanks so much for a great session today! I feel tons better than when I walked in…”
 “…supernaturally patient…” Sathnam Ganghera, BBC Radio 4  “Am I Tone Deaf?”

The Voice Club, London is the North London centre for singing lessons, voice coaching  group singing classes and creative consultancy.

Helping private individuals, groups and corporate clients at all stages of their vocal journey develop and enjoy their voices, from absolute beginners, amateur and casual singers to  professional performers and celebrities.

Heather at Strongroom Studios
Established by Heather Maîr Thomas ftcl,dipTcl,Ltcl,  Voice Club coaching and classes are based in Crouch End, North London.

Private singing lessons are available worldwide via Skype.

Corporate training programmes are designed in consultation with the client.

Group singing workshops and
Residential courses are held in various locations including  Cornwall, Venice, Italy and the Algarve, Portugal.

 Singing Lessons for all levels

As a singing teacher and coach, Heather has considerable experience in helping anxious and shy adult beginners start to enjoy developing their voices - whatever age they start!
She works One-to-One with all levels of singer, from absolute beginners to names such as:
  • David Tennant (Dr Who/Hamlet - RSC)
  • Matt Willis (Wicked/ Busted/Flashdance)
  • Andy Bell (Erasure)
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • BBC Television
  • BBC Radio 4
  • Dubstar
  • The Times 
  • Rosie Millard
  • Helen
  • Kimberly Stewart
  • Justin Lee Collins ( Rock of Ages/Chicago - London West End)
…as well as many people who,  (though may not be well-known!)  have experienced great improvement and joy in their singing, whatever their starting point!

Heather also coaches accent, dialect, voice projection and presentation in a performance, private and corporate context.  Media consultancy, commentary and broadcasting on vocal, performance and creativity issues.

Please use the tabs above to find out more about the Voice Club services.

  • There are some daytime spaces for Private Singing lessons  in North London, (Crouch End), and a waiting list for evening sessions.

  • We can also arrange lessons by Skype  for clients out of London  and overseas.

  • Heather's vocal exercises are available to download and practise/warm-up at your own pace.

  • We have added links to some carefully-chosen songbooks, all with backing track CDs to help you enjoy your singing practice and have fun learning new repertoire!

  • Stage fright?  Download our self-hypnosis recording Creative Calm and learn to relax!

  • The Voice Club  singing technique group classes, will be starting again on April 13th 2015.The numbers will be limited, so please contact now in order to secure your place

You can listen to samples of Heather's singing and follow links to download our vocal exercises and stage fright hypnosis.


"Why I Believe Singing is Good For You...!"
by Heather Maîr Thomas

"Thanks so much for a great session today! I feel tons better than when I walked in..."
It's lovely to get into singing as an adult. It helps us relax and express ourselves, while providing those well-earned endorphins!

Singing is a fabulous stress-buster as it releases the body's natural "happy chemicals",  gets us breathing properly, helps the energy to flow and gets those feelings out! Many people feel as if singing gives them a therapeutic experience. The more  your  singing technique improves, the more control you gain and confidence grows as a result.

Also, singing is such an individual form of expression, and everyone has their own relationship with their voice. As well as being a singing teacher, I am also a qualified life coach, and use those skills to help people identify singing/creative goals. I try to  work with everyone in a way that suits them, towards achieving those goals, whatever they may be.

Some people have instant access to their voices and  seem to sing effortlessly . Others need to develop an awareness of how the voice works, and  build up technique and methods using a combination of skills, instincts and experiences.

I find that a fundamental knowledge of technique, and building a workable, enjoyable routine of practice into ones life (even if only a few minutes) can help development very quickly.  I am flexible in my approach according to your individual needs.

Often, people who believe they "can't" sing,  simply aren't used to the sound of their own voice and have no idea of  the  keys and ranges that suit them.  With individual lessons, many of these things can be improved very quickly, and I have never (yet!) come across a totally "lost cause" - a lot depends on what goals you set!

Everyone's experience of their voice is different, so it helps to find a method that works for you.
You may find you only need a few tips to get you started, or it may be a longer journey, and you find you really want to develop and take it seriously, in which case, like a sport, the more you put in the more you get out!

You can email  for more information about lessons, the Voice Club groups or Life Coaching - it is never too late to start..."

                                           Heather Maîr Thomas Ftcl, dipTcl, Ltcl  

Some people have instant access to their voices and seem to sing effortlessly . Others need to develop an awareness of how the voice works, and build up technique and methods using a combination of skills, instincts and experiences